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Boeing B757
     Boeing B 757-200 is a twin engined,single aisle medium to long range airplane.Boeing B757 and B767 were developed, so both share the same technologies.Engines are avalable from Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney .The wing of B757 is less swept and is thicker through the center than earier aircraft permitting a longer span . The flight deck is designed for two crew member operation ,pioneered the use of digital electronics and advance displays which increased reliability and advanced features compared to older electro-mechanical instruments. In july 1990 FAA granted 180-minutes ETOPS for Rolls Royce engines and for Pratt & Whitney Engines in April 1992. Both they were received 120 minutes granted before.The first delivered B757-200 was on December 22,1982 to Eastern Airlines.
        Boeing B757-300 is a twin engined , single aisle, medium sized airplane and was launch in September 2, 1996. The B 757-300 is a stretched version of B 757-200 ,has 23 feets 4 inches (7.1 meters) longer than B 757-200. The extra length allowed it to carry 20 percents more passengers.Both models, B757-200 and B757-300 have the same flight deck and operating systems. Because of the comalnality,many airlines operates both B757 and B767 airplanes.The maximum takeoff weight of B 757-300 is increased to 272,500 lbs (123,600 kg). The aircraft's wings,landing gear and portions of its fuselage have been strengthened and new wheels,tires and brakes added to handle the extra weight. Because the airplane is longer, a retractable tail skid similar to B 777-300 was added.The flight deck of B 757-300 is like that of B 757-200 and is designed for two-crew member operation and furnished with digital electronics displayed each pilot and co-pilot has a pair of displayed. Boeing delivered the first B757-300 to Condor Flugdientst in March 1999. Boeing delivered last B757 to Shanghai Airlines on April 2005 and be number 1050. Boeing announced to close production of B757 on year 2003.
SPECIFICATIONS B 757-200 and B 757-300
  B 757-200 B 757-300
Typical passenger load Typical 2 classes = 192 Typical 2 classes = 239
Cargo loading standard 1,670 cu.ft. (43.3 cu.m.) 2,370 cu.ft. ( 67.1 cu.m.)
Range 4,520 miles (7,240 km.) 3,990 miles (6,426 km.)
Number of engine 2 2
Engine Pratt & Whitney PW 2040
Rolls Royce RB211-535E4
Pratt & Whitney PW 2043
Rolls Royce RB211-535E4B
Engine Thrust PW 2037 = 40,100 lbs(162.8 kN)
RB211-535E4 = 40,200 lbs(179 kN)
PW 2043 = 42,600 lbs(189.4 kN)
RB211-535E4B = 43,500 lbs(193.5 kN)
Wing span 124 ft. 10 in. (38.05 m.) 124 ft 10 in.(38.05 m.)
Length 155 ft. 3 in. (47.32 m.) 178 ft. 7 in.(54.5 m.)
Operating speed 0.80 mach 0.80 mach
Max.take off weight 255,000 lbs.(115,680 kg.) 272,500 lb.(123,600 Kg.)
Crew 2 2
Max.fuel capacity 11,276 gall. (42,680 litr) 11,466 gall.(43,400 litr)
cockpit B-757
1 nm.(nautical mile) = 1.15155 miles, 1 kt (knot) = 1.15155 mile / hr.
1 mach = 761 mph.(SL,ISA)