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Bell 212
     The Bell 212 is 15 seats ( 14+1 pilots) military or civil helicopter. After the sucessful of the Model 204 / 205, Bell joined Pratt & Whitney of Canada for developing a twin engine derivated of UH-1H to achieve a specification came from the Canadian Armed Forces. The result was the Model 212 Twin Two Twelve adopted by the US.
        Bell 204 start from 1955 when the US Army requested US Airforce to develop helicopter for their utility used. That time,helicopter were power by Lycoming T53 engine with 850 shp. First flight was in October 1956. US Army designated as HU-1 (Helicopter Utility) and from this designation ,since then the name became HUEY . Later, the designation reverse to UH-1 by the Department of Defence (DOD).
       Bell 212 was flew in the 1968 and Military are designated UH-1N in the USA . Bell 212 is power by PT6T-3 twin- turboshaft engine. Output at the transmission is rated at 1290 shp with two blades main rotor. This twin- engine increased safety in the event of one engine failure and that make the 212 is a popular helicopter for high reliability. Bell 212 also built under licence in Italy by Agusta which used by several countries and designated as Agusta-Bell AB- 212.
Standard seating capacity 1 pilot 14 passengers
Engine Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T-3D or PT6-3B
Power Transmission rating (total power) 1290 shp (962 kW)
Number of Engine Twin- Pac 2
Main Rotor Two Blades(diameter) 48 ft. 2 in. 14.68 m.
Max.Takeoff 11,200 lb 5,080 kg
Fuel capacity 217 us. gall. 820 litre
Length 42 ft. 4.75 in. 12.9 m.
Speed 115 mph( SL.) 100 kt (185 km / h)(SL.)
Range 261 mile 420 km.
Ceiling 13,000 ft 3,962 m.
Empty weight 6,176 lb 2,801 kg.
cockpit Bell-212
1 nm.(nautical mile) = 1.15155 miles, 1 kt (knot) = 1.15155 mile / hr.
1 mach = 761 mph.(SL,ISA)