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     The F-5 is a supersonic fighter and suitable for various types of ground support and aerial intercept missions. It is low cost and easy of maintenance. F-5 was manufactured by Northrop has proved a success on the export market . Over 30 countries have used F-5 and production of F-5 ran over some 2700 aircrafts
       On April 25,1962 The US Department of Defense announced that it had chosen the aircrafty for its Military Assistance Program (MAP). NATO and SEATO (at that time = South East Asian Treaty Organization) allies would be acquired a supersonic warplane at reasonable cost. On August 9,1962 the aircraft was given official designation of F-5A " Freedom Fighter ". The F-5B was the two seats version of the F-5A for dual fighter / trainner duties.
       In October 1965 USAF sent 12 F-5A to Veitnam for operation service trials.This program was given the code name of " Skoshi Tiger "( little tiger) and from this program the F-5 picked up its " Tiger Nickname ".
       The F-5E " Tiger II " was a great improve version of F-5A " Freedom Fighter " . The F-5E featured an air-to-air fire control radar system and more powerful J85 engines. The fuselage widened and lengthened. The first flight of the F-5E was on August 1972.The F-5E characteristics is similar to Mig-21. At the USAF Fighter Weapons School used the F-5E to simulate Mig-21 for trainning USAF pilots in aerial combat skills.
       The structure of F-5E, Pressurized, heated and airconditioned cockpit ,rocket power ejection seat .
        Landing gear is Hydraulically retractable ,main unit retracting inward into fuselage, nose wheel forward. Two position extending nose unit increases static angle of attack by 3 degrees 22' to reduce takoff distance.
        Fuel system,two independent fuel systems, one for each engine. Starboard engine supplied from two rubber impregnated nylon fabric bladder cells, a center fuselage cell and a rear fuselage cell. Port engine supplied from a forward fuselage cell . No fuel is carried in the wings.
        Radar, radar for air-to-air missile , search for target , detection at a range of up to 20 nm.(37 km. )
The F-5F is the two seats version of F-5E for fighter / trainner.
        A flattened nose radome was developed for RF-5E (Reconnaissance) nose. It was discovered that a flat oval cross-section at the nose eliminated directional stability problem , especially at high angle of attack . This new radome was fitted to F-5E delivered in the later dated such as Thailand , Bahrain , Malasia , Korea, Mexico, Singaporean . This radome was later added to aircrafts which were radarless too.
Power Plant General Electric J85-GE-21B Turbojet with afterburn
Number of Engine   2
Engine Thrust 5,013 lb. with afterburn 22.3 kN. with afterburn
Wing Span 26.7 ft. 8.13 m
Length 47.4 ft. 14.45 m.
Height 13.35 ft. 4.07 m.
Speed Max. 1,082 mph. 1,741 km.
Ceiling 51,800 ft. 15,790 m.
Combat Radius 190 miles 306 km.
Takeoff Weight 24,725 lb. 11,2144 kg.
Fuel capacity 2563 litres 677 us. gall.
Crew F-5E = 1 F-5F = 2
Empty weight 9,725 lb 4,410 kg.
Armament Two 20-mm M39A2 cannon
Two AIM-9 Sidewinder at wing tips
Five hard points
(1-under fuselage,4-under wings)
can carry up to 7000 lb.
1 nm.(nautical mile) = 1.15155 miles, 1 kt (knot) = 1.15155 mile / hr.
1 mach = 761 mph.(SL,ISA)

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