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Thai AirAsia X Quality Assurance Engineer


Thai AirAsia X รับสมัคร Quality Assurance Engineer

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Duties and responsibilities
1. To liaise with the relevant airworthiness authorities on all matters pertaining to airworthiness requirements.
2. Keeping a record of all training, qualification and experience of engineering certifying staffs and quality assurance
3. Maintain a list of all current company’s approval/authorization holders and their records as required by the regulatory
4. To ensure that all reportable defects and occurrences are reported to the DCA Thailand promptly.
5. To conduct and co-ordinate with the Technical Services Division to ensure that the aircraft delivery and inspection are
accomplished in accordance with the company and the DCA Thailand requirements.
6. Development, implementation and management of the Aircraft maintenance Schedule/program.
7. To carry out any other tasks as directed by the QAM.

1. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Science
2. Experience in aircraft maintenance or aircraft engineering field at least 2 years, experience in aircraft maintenance or
engineering QA is advantage.
3. Strong English interpersonal skill, Toeic score at least 450
4. High responsibility and good attitude to work hard
5. Able to work under pressure and do multi-task

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