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Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับสมัคร Thai Pilot


Thai Captains/Thai First Officer
Location: Bangkok, Thailand.
Suitable candidates must have:

• ICAO Licence acceptable to the Thailand Aviation Authorities.
• Hold a valid and current (within the last 12 months) recognised Captains/FO Type Rating on the B767/B757.
• Current Class 1 Medical (Captain)/ Current Class 2 Medical (FO.)
• Experience on International Routes.
• Hold ICAO member country documentations which is acceptable to the Thailand Authority.
• Minimum 7,000 (Captain) / 2,000 (FO.) hours total flight time (civil aircraft).
• Minimum 1,000 hours PIC time B767/B757 (left hand seat)(Captain)/ Minimum 500 hours, B767/B757 (FO)
• Minimum 1,500 hours total time B767/B757.(Captain only)
• Minimum ICAO Level 4 English, (current for a minimum of one year on joining).
• Passport to be current for a minimum of 12 months on joining, with a minimum of 7 full blank pages available.
• Be in possession of no aviation incidents / accidents report.
• No criminal record.
• Provide three references.
• 3 immunizations are required before simulator training at Pilot’s expense: 1. Influenza (Good for 1 year)
2. Meningococcal (Good for 3-5 years)
3. Yellow fever (Good for 10 years)
On joining a successful Pass in both Air Law & Human Performance is required by Thailand Aviation Authority in obtaining a
Pass a Drug and Alcohol Test.

If you meet the above requirements and wish to apply, please submit your CV at
Note: In the Email Subject Line Place Position You Are Applying For.

1. CV, containing a Passport Size Colour Photo.
2. Colour Copy of Passport (original size).
3. Colour Copy of Pilot Licence, [front and back] (original size).
4. Copy of Medical Certificate (original size).
5. Copy of Last Three flying months of logbook. (original size).
6. Copy of Last Simulator Training Session (original size).
7. Copy of Last Simulator Check Report (PPC) (original size).
8. Colour Copy of Current English Proficiency (original size).

Note: Maximum Size of Each Email To Be No Larger Than 20MB

Monthly: 240,000 Baht for the first 6 months, 270,000 Baht thereafter net of taxes. (Captain)
Monthly: 165,000 Baht for the first 6 months, 195,000 Baht thereafter net of taxes. (First Officer)
Per Diem: 1,500Baht net per layover.
Health Insurance: Yes
Holidays / Vacation: 21 days per annum. (prorated after probation period of 119 days)
Sick Days: 30 days per annum with doctor’s certificate.
Training Pay: 50% of full salary until checked to line or a maximum of 60 days.


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