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Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับสมัคร Safety, Security and Quality - Document Control


Safety, Security and Quality – Document Control

Job Description

1. Control and Monitor most of documents and manuals throughout the company either in Internal and External station as well as
from different vendors.
2. Develops and maintains a comprehensive filing system and computer database for all documents to be retained in the document
control center
3. Manages the operation of the document control center to ensure that all users have the latest revision of appropriate
documentation in a timely manner
4. Ensures that documents required for the company's organization or operations are kept on hand and readily available to
staff/crew, outsource agents, and the regulator as needed
5. Develops policies and procedures for the handling of the company's documents and updates the Document Control procedures to fit
with company needs and changes
6. Training employees on records management procedures and policies, which include documentation, retention, retrieval,
destruction and disaster recovery
7. Performs all other duties as assigned by the Director of Safety, Security and Quality.


• Self-directed, the ability to work independently, and being highly-motivated.
• Be able to work in a fast-paced and deadline driven environment
• Detail-oriented, dependable and trustworthy
• Have the ability to prioritize, manage time well, multitask and troubleshoot. Strong interpersonal communication
• Must be computer-savvy and well-versed in Microsoft Office products.
• TOEIC Score: 650 Minimum
• Associate’s Degree in Business or related field.

***Interested applicants who meet above requirement please send resume, transcript and TOEIC Score to E-mail:***

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