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The opportunity to join with Siam Air Transport company in Maintenance Department (Main Base Donmueang Airport)


1. Director of Maintenance (DM)
Salary: 120,000 – 160,000 Baht.
Job Specification
The Director of Maintenance has the responsibility to ensure that all maintenance, inspections, airworthiness directives and
selected service bulletins are properly performed and recorded in accordance with Siam Air policy and compliance with the
Thailand Regulatory Requirements, the Air Operator Certificate Requirements, the
CAAT Airworthiness Requirements, associated procedures, and other requirements as may be prescribed by the Authority from time to
The Director of Maintenance Department is delegated as a management representative of the Department and shall report to CEO of
the company in all matter in regarding to the overall maintenance activities and any discrepancy issues or finding.

Authorities and responsibilities
In detail of his authorities and responsibilities shall include but not limit to:
1. In supervising the daily activities of Maintenance Operation, Engineering and Quality of Maintenance.
2. Ensure that maintenance procedures are established within the organization to achieve good maintenance practices and compliance
with Airworthiness requirements; and ensures that work is accomplished to the highest standards of airworthiness and workmanship.

3. Ensure that all maintenance is correctly certified and that records of maintenance carried out are retained safely and securely
for the statutory Period.
4. Exercise control over the duties and responsibilities of the Maintenance
Operation and Maintenance Production.
5. Supervise all sections to ensure compliance with the airworthiness requirements for registered aircraft and / or equipment.
6. Ensure the timely production of aircraft maintenance to meet operating Schedule.
7. Ensure Ramp and Line Maintenance facilities are maintained in a clean and orderly manner, and all line equipment and tools are
maintained in a serviceable and working condition;
8. Participate in and attend industry meetings with attendance of counterpart personnel of other airlines.
9. Make a periodic safety inspections of the working area and take necessary steps to correct any discrepancy note to ensure the
safe productivity of all personnel and security of the company assets.
10. Maintain liaison with Flight Operations to expedite maintenance and repair.
Ensure that Flight Operation is advised of current and changing operational status of all aircraft.
11. Maintain liaison with the other airlines and manufacturers for interchange of information.
12. Develop budget requirements for both current operations and capital expenditures.
13. Ensure that all incident and accident involving injuries or aircraft damage are reported in accordance with regulation.
14. Review maintenance delays and system problem and take corrective actions toward improvement.
15. Coordinate with the Quality Control Manager (QM) in establishing and maintaining a program for training of mechanics,
inspectors and related maintenance personnel.
16. Issue the letter and submit revision in draft form to CAAT for the GMM approval before use regarding important changes (Major
Change) within Siam Air Maintenance Department.
17. Maintain maintenance quality and safety related.
18. Participate in Company’s Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)
19. Participate in Company’s Emergency Operation Control (EOC) and shall be a member of accident / incident Investigation

Minimum Qualification Requirement
• Have a Technical Diploma or Engineering Degree;
• Hold valid CAAT Aircraft Maintenance Engineer;
• Possess a CAAT License Aircraft Engineer Certificate with aircraft ratings;
• Minimum of 5 years of Management experience in an Air Carrier Maintenance Department
• Have strong communication, including writing proficiency in English, and interpersonal skills.

2. Quality Control Manager (TQ)
Salary: 55,000 – 65,000 Baht.
Job Specification
Siam Air Quality Control Manager is committed to providing best practice quality management to ensure continued compliance to
Company, Aviation Authority,
Customer and Quality Standard requirements.

Authorities and responsibilities
In detail of his authorities and responsibilities shall include but not limit to
1. Establish an independent Quality Control system in consultation with supervisory authorities and Director and coordinating and
proposing measures to assure and promote quality.
2. Establish, implement and monitor approved company policies and procedures for the daily operations of the Quality Control
3. Maintain liaison with and reporting un- airworthy conditions to the Local
Airworthiness Authorities (CAAT).
4. Liaise with Department of Civil Aviation (CAAT) and other relevant authorities in connection with airworthiness and safety of
maintenance and operations.
5. Authorize and monitor of subcontractors.
6. Quality Control Manager shall maintain surveillance overall Repair Station/Agency activities to ensure the highest standards of
quality in all products and that all repair station operations are in compliance with all applicable CAAT regulations.
Surveillance includes in-person on-site observations and delegation of surveillance to Inspector.
7. Monitoring and evaluating the Maintenance Reliability Program and propose corrective action to the function concerned.
8. Approve the Maintenance quality audit program and procedures.
9. Make departmental coordination to ensure compliance with the National
Aviation and Local Authorities (CAAT) requirements for maintenance activities on aircraft, power plant and components.
10. Ensure mandatory modification programs and AD, Alert Service Bulletins are incorporated or complied within the statutory time
11. Approve the maintenance personnel qualification procedures and issue of approval certificates to properly qualified
maintenance staff to carry out work in accordance with the terms of approval certificates.
12. Be submitted the draft of the amendment of General Maintenance Manual to Director of Maintenance for acceptance.
13. Approve the duplicated inspections or Required Inspection Item (RII) Procedures.
14. Evaluate the inspection feedback reports.
15. Assist in investigation of aircraft accidents, incidents, and special events.
16. Supervise the regulation, Audit, Aircraft Inspection and Shop Inspection Unit.
17. Response for the inspection system.
18. Report to CAAT when detecting any suspected unapproved parts;
19. Approve and control all Maintenance training including standard of training and equipment used to training.
20. Conduct internal and external quality auditing either periodic or as performance
21. Perform Quality Audit all Maintenance Operation at least twice a year to ensure that it remains in conformity with the
applicable requirements.
22. Provide the Director of Maintenance with audit report, in order to action non -compliance or poor standards and determine
suitable corrective action.
23. Propose all corrective actions necessary for eliminating non-compliance, and ensure, through a follow-up process, that these
corrective actions are initiated and completed by the responsible manager in response to any finding of non-compliance and that
they are efficient and meet their intended purpose.
24. Approve the SQM’s Line Station for proper facility, equipment, tool, personnel training, maintenance representative
assignment, etc. according to requirement of this manual and appropriate requirements.
25. To Maintain maintenance quality and safety related.

Minimum Qualification Requirement
• Completion of college/vocational or maintenance training
• Hold valid CAAT Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
• Possess a CAAT License Aircraft Engineer Certificate with aircraft ratings
• Three (3) year experience in aircraft maintenance.
• Must complete and pass the pertinent approved type training (for aircraft/engine maintenance) or skillful training or related
shop (for component maintenance).
• Must complete and pass the certifying staff training including company procedural and airworthiness legislation training.

3. Technical Service and Planning Manager (TE)
Salary: 55,000 – 65,000 Baht.
Job Specification
The Manager of Technical Service and Planning is responsible for monitoring and maintains records of all maintenance activities
and aircraft components; provide efficient and effective computer systems to support the aircraft and its maintenance support

Authorities and responsibilities
In detail of his authorities and responsibilities shall include but not limit to.
1. Follow up and ensure that aircraft maintenance/inspection activities are carried out according to specified requirements.
2. Co-ordinate with authority to ensure that highest airworthiness standard is maintained.
3. Revise maintenance requirement as required and in compliance with Authority approval.
4. Co-ordinate with aircraft, engine and component manufactures to ensure that maintenance support is currently received.
5. Review Airworthiness Directives (ADs), Service Bulletins (SBs) or relevant publications and issue incorporation of modification
/ inspection, as required.
6. Advise troubleshooting of aircraft system and equipment to Maintenance
Operations or to Licensed Aircraft Engineer, as necessary.
7. Advise repetitive defect rectification action and ensure that the rectification is effective.
8. Functional Check Flight activities:
- Brief/Debrief Test Flight crew member.
- Supervise Test Flight.
- Report and record result of Test Flight.
9. Calculate weight and balance figures, subsequent to modification requiring weight or moment changes.
10. Prepare Weight and Balance Program and report.
11. Perform Reliability Control in accordance with the current Reliability Control Program and compliance with the rules laid down
in Reliability Control Program.
12. He is Responsible for all safety relating to Airworthiness Requirement which mentioned in detail in Flight Data Analysis
13. Participate in Company’s Quality Assurance Committee (QAC).
14. Maintain maintenance quality and safety related.

Minimum Qualification Requirement
• Minimum of five (5) years of airline work experience
• Strong knowledge of aircraft systems, avionics, power plant and structures disciplines.
• Bachelor degree preferred.
• A working knowledge of aircraft maintenance and engineering
• An understanding of Civil Aviation Regulations.
• Must be able to excel under pressure.
• The ability to work with computers is invaluable to this position.
• Critical thinking abilities: using logic and analysis to determine strengths and weaknesses of a variety of solutions.
• Able to identify problems, their sources, and their potential solutions continuing to successfully conduct day-to-day
operations without interruption.
• The ability to use careful, measured judgment and decision-making: weighing the costs and benefits of a potential action;
using discretion.
• Strong communication skills: must be comfortable engaging in a variety of different communicative modes (verbal, non-verbal,
and written) and being attuned to others through strong active listening skills.

4. Licensed Aircraft Engineer (LAE)
On type rating: B737-300 : 4 Position
On type rating: B737-800 : 6 Position
Salary: 55,000 – 65,000 Baht.
Job Specification
1. A License Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAE) is a person authorized to maintain and certify in written airworthiness standards
of an aircraft. A LAE should possess high degree of responsibility and accuracy of mechanical aptitude and maintenance skills to
undertake such responsibility and uplift that kind of maintenance work on any aircraft.
2. A LAE must have successfully completed an applicable approved course of maintenance training on the type of aircraft, engine,
or system concerned, meeting the requirements.
3. Directs and manages all activates of assigned personnel. Schedules manpower required to accomplish work requirements timely
basis through effective use of personnel, equipment and facilities.

Authorities and responsibilities
In detail of his authorities and responsibilities shall include but not limit to:
1. Responsible for maintenance, inspection and rectification of any defects on
Siam Air’s aircraft.
2. Make appropriate entries in aircraft logs and work sheets for work performed.
3. Perform Maintenance/Airworthiness releases of aircraft.
4. Ensure that safety precautions are being observed when performing all maintenance activities.
5. Ensure all components, parts and material to be installed the aircraft are properly certified and in an airworthy condition.
6. Attend to training sessions as assigned by the Manager of Maintenance.

Minimum Qualification Requirement
A person applying to be Licensed Aircraft Engineer shall:
• Minimum of three (3) years on type experience
• Hold the valid CAAT Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License (AMEL) with type rating of the aircraft operated by Siam Air.
• To have held the position as a Mechanic for at least four years or have at least one year. experience of maintenance work on
Siam Air operated aircraft or aircraft of similar type and technology.
• Be known as a skillful and dependable person and have a good sense of judgment.

5. Maintenance Support and Store (Supply and Logistic)
Salary: 35,000 – 45,000 Baht.
Job Specification
The Maintenance Support and Store responsible for providing direct logistic support
for aircraft maintenance as requires including inspection components and maintain a
parts and material stockroom. In addition, he/she manages acquisition and
contractual repair of aircraft equipment, components and avionics equipment and
report to Director of Maintenance (DM)

Authorities and Responsibilities
In detail of his/her authorities and responsibilities shall include but not limit to:
1. Optimal planning of the workload, parts and materials for a time delivery of orders.
2. Store and issue in order to support aircraft maintenance and to control materials.
3. Co-ordinate with user in order to ensured that materials are adequately provided to support aircraft maintenance activities.
4. Procure material as required.
5. Provide inventory for all materials.
6. Recall surplus material and return to appropriate storage area if still be able to be reused.
7. Report inventory status on weekly and monthly basis.
8. Prepare/Compile Approved Vendors/Suppliers List.
9. Monitor and report condition/status of housing and facilities to concerned department in order that necessary action can be
taken as required.
10. Preparation of purchase order assisted by maintenance requirements in coordination with Maintenance Operation Manager (MM).
11. Responsible for ensuring that there is an adequate stock of all material & spare parts.
12. Report to Director of Maintenance (DM) when detecting any suspected unapproved parts.

Minimum Qualification Requirement
• Be knowledge the general knowledge.
• Be knowledge the Basic of Aircraft.
• Be knowledge the airworthiness legislation.
• Strong communication skills.
• Bachelor degree preferred.

- Can apply for jobs until 15-May-17
- Interested applicants please send resume to email: and CC:,,

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