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Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับสมัคร Security Manager


Security Manager

Security Manager of Asia Atlantic Airlines is the Airline’s Head of Security Operations and responsible for the day-to-day
management of Security. He will ensure that Asia Atlantic Airlines primary corporate value, to be safe and secure, is achieved
through sound corporate policy, timely advice and effective security performance by the airline and its contractors. He is
directly responsible access to the CEO.
This is to meet the regulatory requirement of Annex 17 of ICAO and CAAT NCASP. This appointment is essential to facilitate the
development and has the authority for effective implementation, review and maintenance of the Asia Atlantic Airlines Security
Security manager should be established at the corporate level with a professional background and be a suitably qualified and
trained in Aviation Security and familiar with aircraft and airline operations.
In the absence of Security Manager, the Safety Manager will assume the role of Head of Security as the first alternate.

Security Manager Qualification:
• Must have a Degree in any field.
• At Least ten (10) years of experience in managing AVSEC in any airlines.
• Have undergone various AVSEC management courses.
• Able to evaluate in the current aviation security environment which requires an approach that focuses in identifying,
prioritizing and mitigating vulnerabilities to likely risk event.
• Close rapport with regulatory and enforcement bodies.
• Able to advise the Management on all current threat situations and recommends appropriate counter measures to contain these
• Thai Nationality.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. To ensure that Asia Atlantic Airlines security policy and measures comply with Thailand and host state legal requirements.
2. To be responsible for the protection, safety and security of Asia Atlantic Airlines outstations, including its entire staff,
facilities, outstation airports and passengers.
3. To ensure systems, policies, procedures and practices are in place to prevent Asia Atlantic Airlines from acts of unlawful
inference worldwide.
4. To advise the Chief Executive Officer of his obligations under Thailand and other legislation and of the airline’s compliance
or otherwise with its provisions.
5. To ensure planned counter-measures are commensurate with the risk to Asia Atlantic Airlines and its contractors.
6. Security Manager must relate to all other departments in the company and not concentrate on one in particular.
7. To monitor the security of other airlines in which Asia Atlantic Airlines has a financial stake or code-share, to safeguard the
airline’s investment and reputation.
8. To provide 24-hour response to incidents, including bomb threat assessment and other emergencies.
9. To provide the primary point of contact and undertake liaison on aviation security matters with those government departments in
Thailand and overseas responsible for regulating aviation security and other aviation industry participants operating within the
10. To represent Asia Atlantic Airlines on the Thailand National Aviation Security Committee and to provide industry best
practices on security matters by involvement with the security groups of Airport Security Coordination Committee SVB.
11. Facilitate the development, implementation, review and maintenance of a comprehensive airline security and training program
and coordinate for security awareness training of Asia Atlantic Airlines personnel. Disclosure of any part of the said program
shall be confined to authorized personnel only who require the information for official duties. A copy of this security program
will be lodged with the appropriate authority of the States where Asia Atlantic Airlines flies.
12. To liaise and coordinate activities with the state Airport Authorities, Police, Fire and Rescue Service Department,
Immigration Department and other Government Agencies to which Asia Atlantic Airlines operates.
13. Implement additional security measures during time of increased threat and for critical flights and routes.
14. To make periodical evaluations, review and amend the security program to reflect changes or any addition of or revision to
security directives or changes in the NCASP. All amendments and changes shall be notified to the appropriate authorities or States
concerned within 30 days of such changes.
15. All audits and inspections on the effectiveness of this program will be conducted annually.
16. To maintain and submit all security incident reports to appropriate authorities as mandated.

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