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Work Location : Start working at Donmueang 3 Years then Permanent at Sukhothai

Thai Male / Female
Age 24-35 Years old

Diploma or Bachelor degree on Aviation Training School or Higher in aircraft maintenance or in technical schools related field
avionic electronic

Qualification in Execution of Work

Good command of English language in speaking, listening and writing.
Working experiment Aircraft Heavy Maintenance or Line Maintenance in avionic system will be advance
TOEIC test score at least 350.
Knowledge on basic aircraft maintenance system
Ability to use common basic hand tools and. Available of personal basic hand tools and avionic
Able to read and understand on wiring system Aircraft / Engine Electronic Maintenance Manual Familizatioin
ability to work in working shift or during weekend if necessary.
Key Accountability

1.Performs work including but not limited to: Aircraft wing Aircraft checks, the dismantling, overhauling, repairing, replacing,
assembling and erecting all parts of aircraft, engines, instruments, electrical systems, heating systems, hydraulic systems and
machine tool work in connection therewith. Appropriately documents maintenance findings, progress and work accomplished through
manual and automated recordkeeping

2. Corrects aircraft system, wiring system, avionic and engine wiring system discrepancies during base maintenance inspections.
Installs and removes engines electrical , wiring component. , engine change. In concern to electrical and wiring system

3. Remove and installation of avionic and electrical component during aircraft schedule check in hangar accordance to appropriate
approved maintenance data

4. Perform function test of aircraft system by use specific special avionic tools to carry out maintenance during aircraft
schedule check in hangar under supervise of Heavy Maintenance Engineer

5. Assist Heavy Maintenance Crew Chief and Heavy Maintenance Engineer to preparation document ,tools and equipment to perform
maintenance task for aircraft maintenance check

6. Assist Avionic Shop to carry out routine work in work shop

7. Working comply with Heavy Maintenance SOP, and safety regulation

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