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B777 infor ==> Could you help me!!


Dear uncle Prawit.

Sorry to bother you by this topic.
Now , I got an assignment for Ground Operations's subject and my lecturer want me to eraborate and

I can't find & get any infor about those topics on my hand ( Internet doesn't have more
detailed about these also).

Would you mind if I would like you to send the information about these to me.

Contact to this e-mail address : or give your handphone number to me by
sms to : +60176387832 ,I will call back.

i'm looking forward for your helping.
Khob Khun Krab
(Sorry for my broken English)

Pawit ( Thai's student in Malay)

โดย : Pawit IP : [ 08/05/2008 , 14:47:05 ]

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The only way to get the informations on B777 is :

1. go to the airlines that operate B777 aircraft like SIA at the airport
2. Intorducing yourself as a student and want their help to get the information on B777 by using
their AMM manual (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) at their location.
3. get the AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) and go to
Chapter 07 Lifting and Shoring for Jacking
Chapter 09 Towing and Taxiing for Towing
Chapter 12 Servicing for refueling
Chapter 80 Engine Starting for engine run up

You know, those are alot of subjects and you can not find the information from the market or any
where, the only source is AMM from the airlines that are operate the B777.

good luck

I am sorry that can not give you much more help.

โดย : prawit IP : [ 08/05/2008 , 18:17:25 ]

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Thank you very much .
I will try to do my best.

Wish to go back Thailand to work there in soon.

โดย : Pawit IP : [ 09/05/2008 , 22:48:09 ]

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