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Aerospace MRO เปิดรับสมัคร Store officer เเละ Quality and Safety Officer


Aerospace MRO Co.,Ltd is Maintenance Repair and Overhaul of aircraft components for aircraft batteries, Life vest, Evacuation
Slide / Slide Raft, Oxygen cylinders, Fire Extinguishers, Wheel and Brake, Non-Destructive Testing and Hydrostatics Testing

Our facility is located in the Lak Si, Bangkok.

We are hiring:

1. Store officer


- Manage all received aircraft component parts and customer aircraft component both serviceable and unserviceable as per standard
and regulation.
- Control stock availability of aircraft parts to support schedule and un-schedule maintenance process.
- Ensuring that all materials are properly stored, and that accurate and appropriate levels of inventory are maintained in order
to meet demand.
- Ensuring stock availability of aircraft component parts to support schedule and un-schedule maintenance process.
- Manage monthly cycle counts of inventory materials based upon computer-monitored suggested re-order listing; assists in
conducting complete physical inventory count.
- Manage all related activities in aircraft component parts movement, including receiving, shipment, transferring, binning,
issuing, and stocking in all operational area.
- Manage and monitor all administration and documentation for import and export aircraft component parts, tools and equipment both
serviceable and unserviceable as per standard and regulation.


- Bachelor’s degree in aeronautical degree field or high school level diploma in aviation a related field.
- Minimum 21 years of age.
- Understand, read, and write English, Minimum TOEIC score 400 (valid for 2 years)
- Holding driver license

2. Quality and Safety Officer


- Assisting in the development and establishment of a company's quality procedures, standards, and specifications.
- Assisting in preparation of audit program and audit checklist as well as carrying out audits.
- Assisting the Supervisor in the preparation of audit reports and following up the audit finding, observations as well as
corrective action.
- Supporting the supervisor to establish the quality audit requirement.
- Ensure performance of contracted and subcontracted maintenance provider, vendors, and suppliers.
- Ensure that company personnel authorization system is implemented and maintained.
- Preparing and maintaining resources for pre and post training.
- Update employee database in system and its document.
- Preparing the Quality and Safety Notice for Safety and Quality issues necessary to be promptly executed.
- Preparing presentation and doting minutes for Quality Meeting and Safety Meeting.
- Conducting research on occurrences accident and incident in order to improved Safety Management System.
- Assisting the supervisor in the appropriate management on safety related matters.
- Assessing identified risks, selecting the most appropriate risk mitigation measure for those risk deemed unacceptable.
- Assisting the supervisor in the overseeing hazard identification system.
- Managing safety databases.
- Conducting safety analysis such as trend monitoring and safety studies.
- Monitoring safety performance measurement.


- Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering or Bachelor of Science, Aviation Electronics or Aircraft Maintenance Training
- Strong English interpersonal skills; TOEIC Score minimum 550 (valid for 2 years)
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Proven knowledge in CAAT Part 145, ISO AS9110, quality assurance will be an advantage.

Please send us your CV./Resume to email:

โดย : Aero-Admin IP : [ 25/01/2023 , 09:52:29,GMT ]

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