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     SUKHOI Su-47(BERKUT) is military designation given by Russian Air Force to the Sukhoi S-37 which named Berkut and Originally known as the S-37 during initial development . From America's nex-generation fighter , F-22 . The Russian challenge comes in with the single seat Sukhoi SU-47 , the world's first combat aircraft with forward swept wings (FSW) technology. The Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut ( Golden Eagle ) makes use of forward swept wings ( FSW ) allowing superb maneuverability and better performer at high angles of attack which needed in close-in dogfight. The SU-47 makes use of composite materials to resist the wing twist that would shear most wings (forward swept wings) off the aircraft. The S-37 is an internal Sukhoi designation and the first letter with " S " means swept wing in Russian (Strelovidnoe krylo) and Berkut means golden eagle in Russian. The SU-47 is the fifth generation Sukhoi fighter features forward swept wings ( FSW ), canards and twin outward-canted vertical stabilizers , incorporated low-observable and thrust-vectoring technologies. It made first flight in September 1997and will take many more years before get into service.
      TVC thrust vectoring control can operates by manual and automatic modes. The operation in manual mode the nozzles deflection angle is set by the pilot. The operation in automatic mode the nozzles are controlled by Avionika full-authority , digital fly-by-wire flight control system (FCS ). The movable in pitch axis ,the engine nozzle deflected by a pair of hydraulic jacks by using jet fuel as hydraulic liquid to drive the nozzles. The SU-47 does have some stealth design features, and maybe covered with radar-absorbent coatings.
      As of today (jan / 2002) it has flew morethan 200 test flights and the preparation of three prototypes had been under way at the Irkutsk Aviation Production Association . The SU-47 still is not equipped with its regular engines (planned engines) and avionics, on-board radar will capable of target detection range of 180-245 km , and also with simultaneous tracking of 24-30 targets. The SU-47 is beleived to has 90 percent composite structure which much more than F-22. The aircraft has special mounts for weapons under fuselage.
      The SU-47 , one of the features is a pair of long " Stingers " on the tail. Speculation is that one contains electronic countermeasures ( ECM ) equipment , the other has rear-facing radar. The SU-47 stealth characteristics is said real stealth capability come from sophisticated Plasma-Feild generation technology that unlike anything in the west. Plasma stealth works like this, Special equipment generates a plasma field that completely surrounds the aircraft . Radar energy from enemy interacts with charged particles in the plasma field , transfering some energy to the particles . This cause Fading of the signal.
Power Plant (Turbofan) TVC Lyulka AL-37 FU ( planned ) Aviadvigatel D-30F6 ( present )
Number of Engine   2
Engine Thrust AL-37U = 37,480 lb D30F6 = 34,200 lb
Wing Span   16.70 m. (54.7 ft )
Length   22.60 m. (74.12 ft )
Speed   2,500 km / h (1,350 kt )
Empty Weight   52,910 lb (24,000 kg)
Max Takeoff Weight   74,955 lb ( 34,000 kg )
Range   2,100 nm.
Ceiling   61,680 ft.
Crew   1
Armament One GSh-30 cannon 30mm. 150 rds.
R-27 / AA-10 Alamo air-to-air missile
R-73 / AA-1 Archer air-to-air missile
14 hardpoints
2 wingtip, 6-8 underwing , 6-4 under fuselage
air-to-surface ;X-29T,X-29L ,X-59M ,
X-31P, X-31A , KAB-500 , KAB-1500
1 nm.(nautical mile) = 1.15155 miles, 1 kt (knot) = 1.15155 mile / hr.
1 mach = 761 mph.(SL,ISA)

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